Section 141

Revelation given through President Israel A. Smith during the World Conference of 1948 held at Independence, Missouri. There was a vacancy in the ranks of the Twelve because of the death of Elder G. G. Lewis. Also, Elder M. A. McConley had become incapacitated by illness. The instruction given was endorsed by the various quorums and by the Conference, and provision was made for its inclusion in the Doctrine and Covenants. To the Quorums, Councils and Orders of the Church and the General Conference: Since the day set for a fast and especially since the loss by death of Apostle Lewis, I have been led to seek the divine mind respecting the needs of the body. Light and intelligence have been manifested as a result, and I am permitted to present the following by way of encouragement and direction: To the Church:

1)My servant George G. Lewis has been taken for mine own purposes. He has been faithful, and his labors have been acceptable to me.

2)My servant Myron A. McConley is honorably released from further duty as an Apostle, and he should be ordained to the office of evangelist and labor as a member of that order.

3)In order that the Council of Twelve may be filled and the work of that Quorum be carried forward, it is my will that my servants Percy E. Farrow and Reed M. Holmes be ordained and set apart unto the apostolic office and appointed to mission responsibility.

4a)There are others of the leading councils who have likewise served faithfully, whose ministry in my wisdom is continued for a season, but who may be taken to myself, or because of age or infirmity released in mine own due time.

4b)There are those with the body of my priesthood who are called and who will be chosen to succeed them, if faithful; therefore, all are admonished to qualify themselves in spirit by ministry and by witnessing for Christ.

5)The hastening time is upon us; the period until the next General Conference, as already provided, must be one of unusual preparation for my church as an organization, for my people, and especially for my priesthood if there shall be those who will be qualified to assume and to carry the responsibilities of those who fall or fail or who are released.

6a)Let the Seventies under appointment as far as practicable relieve my servants of the Quorum of Twelve from labor in outlying or undeveloped areas, and let the Twelve seek to perfect the work in regions closer to the Center, opening up the work in new places.

6b)In these labors, the standing ministers, and especially district and stake authorities, are called to assist.

6c)Many of the elders not under appointment have a desire and will labor in new places if requested and given responsibility.

7a)The unity and spirit of tolerance evidenced by my servants in the councils of the church are commended of me.

7b)Each should strive prayerfully for sustained and greater devotion to the work whereunto he is called.

7c)My servants should not become weary of well-doing. The adversary is quick to discourage and thus destroy their effectiveness.

8a)The church is admonished again that joint responsibility is laid on all.

8b)Properly and equally borne, this responsibility will insure success, and the consummation will be glorious, and all will share in that glory.